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A workshop on the North East

We are running a multi-city workshop to talk about our experiences in the North East of India. Our focus is not so much about tourism and travel as one would expect it to be, but more on the geography and ...

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Michael Yim

Licking the plate: The Naga cuisine

Chances are you haven’t been to this place. Chances are this is a place you’ve never seen or heard. A perpetual old mix of culinary traditions, smells and flavors. A gratifying head hunting tradition and a place occupied by some ...

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Coopita to source Arts & Crafts from North East India

If you are an artist or a craftsman and are based in Nagaland, Assam or Meghalaya, please do write in to us as naomijacob@coopita.com, or send us your information through a message on + 91 8794 737323, or write a ...

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Rural kids out in the fields on a Sunday

Rural adventures

I have always taken pride in the fact that I have my roots in Zhavame- the enchanting village that continues to fascinate me for reasons more than one. Although I did not grow up here, I spent most of my ...

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Makers' Market Go Local

How can I be local?

On May 28 this year, some enterprising folks from Nagaland have designed a fun way for local businesses to interact with local buyers. What’s this all about? – Well, they believe in the power of ‘Local’ and that the only ...

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The dens of Kohima

Wungchipem Raman, his close friends and family of ‘From the Den’ are promoting music and poetry in the north east region with special focus on Nagaland . They have one mission – ‘to create an intelligent and healthy atmosphere to ...

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Khonoma Village

On top of Japfu, by accident

In August 2015, we came up with a simple solution to get Nagas off their chairs and join us on short [read 20+ km] walks once a month. The purpose – let’s go explore! The first episode of the initiative ...

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Krishna Roy

A hard day’s work

On a recent trip to Guwahati, I had the privilege of sitting in a cycle rickshaw ridden by Krisha Roy. Krishna Roy is in his early forties and has one 2 year old son and a wife. I write this ...

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North East crafts now available online

North East crafts now available online: A new web based portal called GISKAA [www.giskaa.com] was recently launched that is aimed at bringing the North East of the country closer to you.  This part of the country is home to unique ...

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Authentic taste of the region

Traveling with India Trail in Nagaland was like no other tour I’ve ever taken. The local knowledge of the guides, the spontaneity of the experience, and the friendship of the other group members (who came from India and beyond) was ...

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