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Tea Gardens in Assam

The North East revisted

It grows on you. You want to keep coming back. Each visit is a new experience. The Kaziranga Game Sanctuary was a topic I had to teach little children about in social studies. Each year I would read about the ...

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Krishna Roy

A hard day’s work

On a recent trip to Guwahati, I had the privilege of sitting in a cycle rickshaw ridden by Krisha Roy. Krishna Roy is in his early forties and has one 2 year old son and a wife. I write this ...

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Assam – The Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills

Assam – The Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills Assam, with its sprawling tea gardens and unending stretches of paddy fields interspersed with groves of coconut, areca nuts, and banana trees, is one of  the biggest States in the ...

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Some great memories of this trip

We knew little about Assam and nothing about Nagaland and Manipur before we arrived at Guwahati airport to begin this adventure.  I can now report that tea estate pickers don’t look much like the ones on the Dilmah ads – ...

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close encounters

Close Encounters in Kaziranga!

The elephant pauses to grab a trunkful of elephant grass and stuffs it into it’s mouth. Breakfast on the move. From my vantage point on the elephant’s back I scan the surrounding grass lands for signs of movement, hoping to ...

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Mathius Hornbill

Mixture of beautiful discoveries and friendship

That trip was a mixture of beautiful discoveries and friendship in a very relax and friendly atmosphere. I never felt I was obliged to follow a leader or a guide. The “guide” was friend in our team. Highlights of the ...

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We’ll certainly be returning for more!

When Kottayam makes its way to Kohima the experience has got to be interesting! Our group of 8 followed the India Trial with Rohan and David all the way to Nagaland. Not many South Indians have a connect to the ...

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India Trail, you planned the trip of a lifetime!

Awesome! That adjective was created just to describe Nagaland & The Hornbill Festival. And India Trail, you really delivered. You planned the trip of a lifetime! The support provided by the folks at India Trail was excellent, very professional and extremely thoughtful ...

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No better way to experience a new place

In my opinion there is no better way to experience a new place than to be taken around by a local and India Trail was just that. From the time we got to Nagaland I didn’t feel you were our ...

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Well organised, well researched

Thanks India Trail for an excellent  trip to Nagaland. Thoroughly enjoyed Rohan and David’s company, everything was well organised, well researched, and everything happened without a hitch. The short holiday left me hungry for more, and I will certainly be ...

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