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10 reasons why you should stay at Camp David, Kigwema

The first thing pretty much all of us do in the morning is to look at the bright screen of our mobile phones, right? It’s then breakfast time or coffee time, and rush off to work. Most of our lives just revolve around making a living, doing what we love to do or what we try to love to do and we try to fill the gaps with things that entertain us. We all just confine ourselves to this monotonous cycle that we call a life. We struggle to make time for ourselves.

Don’t you wish, just for that one chance to escape this toxic cycle? Perhaps, even a chance to rekindle with our once happy inner self? We have the answer!

Camping. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Camping. Simply put, it’s an opportunity to escape into the wild, experience nature at its finest and yes, a time to give that brain a much-needed rest.

Located in the outskirts of the charming Kigwema village, Camp David is the perfect escape for any traveler seeking to step away from the bustling crowd we call civilisation. Do you think you’re ready for this? If you’re still wondering, here are 10 reasons why you should stay at Camp David, Kigwema:

1. Reconnect with nature
Step out of comfort zone and surround yourself with nature. Being out isn’t just about a new environment but also about developing an appreciation for it.

2. Village life
Camp David is located just a kilometer away from Kisama Heritage Village – the site of the Annual Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, often dubbed as the Festival of Festivals. Spend a few hours exploring one of the few villages that are close to the campsite. The best way to experience one of these villages is to walk through it with a local and we will help you do that!

3. Organic Naga Cuisine
Is food a big thing for you? If yes, this is where it’s all at. You can either rely on our chefs to whip up something local for you, or you can head down to the local market, pick up what you like and we will cook it for you. This is as organic as it can get – farm-grown veggies and local meat.

4. Nose-friendly Sanitation
We pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our loos. It’s always white. We like happy customers and they say happy people are those who come out of the loo with a smile in the morning. We have hot water and a bathing area for our campers and in December, if you manage to have a cold-water bath, you get a free something from us! Trust us, when we say it won’t be as easy as you might imagine it to be.

5. Family-friendly Environment
There is no age limit for our campers, but if you’re a minor, you need to have an adult with you. Bring your entire family to the campsite. It’s a great time for parents to bond with their kids or kids with their cousins. There are games, bonfires, barbeques [that’s for you to do!] and the like that bring the troops together.

6. Safety First
It’s very safe at our campsite. No snakes [as yet], no scary hairy creatures that send shivers down your spine [as yet] and a fence around the property. The property is never left unattended so there’s always someone to help you out if you need it.

7. Bonfire and Music
It’s a cold evening, a warm drink in your hand and music to accompany you around a bonfire – beat that.

8. Meet strangers
Yes, we know you’re not supposed to talk to strangers. At our campsite strangers are what make it exciting. During the busy season, you will get to meet people from all over the world at the campsite. It’s fun to swap stories and travel experiences. Who knows, you might even meet your life partner here. Ok, maybe not, but you get the point.

9. Medical Facilities
We have a first aid kit for small stuff, but there is also a clinic and dispensary just a few minutes away from the campsite. We hope we never have to go there.

10. Ok, so we had to add this to make it 10
There’s parking space just outside, places to charge your phones, good phone connectivity [which we hope you won’t use much], and a wonderful view.

Pitch a tent and fall asleep to the peaceful silence of the night. Come and join us at Camp David and we promise you tons of fun, adventure, and lasting memories.



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I have three specific passions that keep me going: Travel, People and Photography. I am a part of the awesome India Trail team in Kohima which has helped me combine all my passions and work towards helping travelers from across the globe explore the beautiful North East region of India.

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