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A hard day’s work

On a recent trip to Guwahati, I had the privilege of sitting in a cycle rickshaw ridden by Krisha Roy. Krishna Roy is in his early forties and has one 2 year old son and a wife.

I write this short post to tell you about him and about how hard he works to make a living, and yet, when he rides his cycle, he has the biggest smile on his face and happily tells you about how his family is his life. It really got me thinking about how we complain about our lives and our challenges. I was having a rough day, in that heat, rushing somewhere, and he just changed my outlook to the whole day – for which I will be ever grateful.

After some persistent questioning from me, he said he makes Rs. 300 a day and works from about 7 am to about 8 pm on an average. If you look at that, it about Rs 25 an hour – in Guwahati heat. He said he works on all days of the year, so that he can get 10 days off with his family.

So that’s Rs. 106,500 a year that he earns from toiling 355 days a year. Put that in perspective of your own life. Quite different, isn’t it? Well, for most of you at least.

Krishna Roy

Life is simple really. You work, you earn, you have a family, you watch them grow, you feed them, you educate them and then it’s their turn.

There are simple lessons for all of us every where.



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